dr. Zackya Arfinda Setiawan

This time, i many countries, people have applying healthy life behavior along with movement of cancer prevention. These following steps suggested to prevent cancer :

Consumegreen vegetables, fruits, and food which is a lot of containing fibre. At least one or two times a day.

Avoid the abundant body weight or fatness. Check you body weight 1 times one week. Research shows, the effect of fatness, have high risk of cancer specially bosom cancer, gracious, large intestine, bounce up the, kidney, and also gall bladder

Do not consume fried food too much as well as food with high fat fat and protein

Limit the food processed with high temperature or with the certain processing which can generate the prokarsinogen [of] like salted food, smoke, burned, grilled.The best one is stewed food

Beware of using non-natural sweetener, food colourant and preservative. Best food is fresh food

Keep cleaning the food, and free from the pollution

Do not consume the alcoholic drink as well as cigarette

Physical activity (sport) regularly accompanied by the health spiritual represent the integrated program in the effort cancer prevention

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